GP Essay: Advertisements truly reflect what the society desires. Do you agree?

While Darwin’s ideology of the survival of the fittest has made its way into the economic environment, advertisements have become the key to the survival of the brands and companies these days. It’s no wonder that product advertisements require themselves to be a reflection of what the society actually desires as it helps them stand out from the crowd. Advertisements aim to enhance the sales of the products by increasing the want to the consumers to purchase the product and encourage the feeling of being deprived of having to do without it. To achieve this purpose, advertisements have to present their product is an appealing way. A way which creates an intense desire for the consumers towards the product. This is only possible when the advertisements are the reflections of the desires and wants of the society itself. Hence, advertisements, to a great extent reflect the desires of the society and also create new desires for the consumers.


The marketing of the products depends largely on the desire of the consumers. Advertisements seem to take an advantage of this, by showing the consumers more or less what they want to see. This helps to exaggerate the human desires towards the product and results in greater sales. Showing the consumers exactly what they want to see, makes the consumers feel that they product checks the boxes of what they need and desire. This reflection of the want of the society and the consumers in the advertisements is what skyrockets their sales. The understanding that people will not buy your stuff if they do not actually want it, is what has made most of the advertisements very effective in the present day. This has become one of the best marketing strategies. It is by the understanding of these things that MBAs and stockbrokers easily convince others to buy from them. An example would be the widely successful advertisement of the HyperVenom football boots by Nike. The advertisement shows the boots to be extremely comfortable and stylish while also improving the shooting accuracy of the players.


Advertisements also use the initial desires of the society to grab the attention. Then they work on raising the bar of the wants of the consumers regardless of their needs. This causes them desperation without the product. Hence advertisements become successful in lobbying their customers using their desperation for luxury. This is especially done in order to promote a new segment of a product or a brand in the market. This purpose is achieved by making the potential buyers feel a sense of lack without the products or by linking them to greater positives. For instance, an advertisement of a hard drink showing that drinking gives pleasure and joy could convince a non-drinker to drink for the first time. Here, the advertisement shows the consumer that it can provide pleasure which is the original desire of the consumer while also raising the desire to purchase and drink it.


Despite the ads being seemingly able to create new desires among the consumers, they tend to fail if the current desires and wants of the society aren’t well reflected, making the ad laughable. Advertisements must first reflect societal wants in order to create a reinforcing effect on potential buyers. An example would be Apple and it’s “Think Different” tagline which hits the initial wants of the consumers to become more productive and then, causing a reinforcing effect by showing the potential customers the luxury and advantage of the build quality. All of this begins initially with the reflection of the societal needs and desires.


Advertisements are reflections of the wants and needs of the society while also being able to have a manipulating reinforcing effect to strengthen the willingness of the consumers to purchase the product. The goal of every advertisement is to convert a potential buyer into a buyer. Hence, advertisements truly reflect on the needs, wants and desires of the society in hand.


In conclusion, advertisements do reflect the desires of the society, tradition, and culture in hand. Thus, agreeing with the statement “advertisements truly reflect what the society desires”.

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