Guys, this is my hypothesis of what had happened before the Big Bang, and I can’t ensure you that its true. Everything you read next is the outcome of the best of my knowledge combined with the imagination. This is what I’ve thought about the origin of the universe, it may or may not be true. It is an outcome of creativity and thoughtfulness along with a bit of a study of the theories like the Big Bang. I repeat, it may or may not be true and this is just a hypothesis and I can’t ensure you if its true or not.

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So, what happened before the Big Bang? Its one of the deepest yet unanswered questions of the Physicists. How was the universe created? Was the universe even created? Did the “god” create the universe?

Well, I’d say the universe had a beginning, but the so-called “god” didn’t begin it.

On, getting on to the hypothesis, before the Big Bang, before the universe was created from absolute nothing, what was there? What existed before the universe did? Well, I say, nothing. But in the nothingness existed energy. How? Why? How can energy exist in nothingness? Well, the answer my friend, is because energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Why can energy not be created neither be destroyed? If energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, how is it produced in the Nuclear power plants? And, if energy can’t be destroyed, why should I refill my car with gas? Why doesn’t it work from the energy it got from the last time I filled it?

Well, actually, the law of conservation of energy explains it all. If you want to know more of it, click here.

Now, we can say that energy existed before the Big Bang too. Because if it were to be created after the Big Bang, the law of conservation of energy wouldn’t have been correct. Hence, energy is ever existing. Energy existed even in the absolute nothingness. Now is the nothingness, due to the presence of energy, sometimes, quarks were formed. But then again, they would disappear or should I say that, they’d turn back into energy? Either way, its the same thing.

Now, once, when quarks were formed due to energy, the quarks collided. And their collision created something out of absolute nothing. Space and time were created thanks to the collision that took place between the quarks. This was the beginning of our universe.

They energy now, getting space to exist in, flew into the tiny universe. When the energy entered the universe, the space for it to exist in, was too less, it was highly concentrated, I’d say. The energy then caused the universe to expand into itself, so that there would be enough space for the immense about of energy present. Hence, the universe started to expand, it got bigger and bigger.

Will the expansion of the universe stop?

I say, it will. A day will come when the universe will be big enough for all the energy that exists in it. And then, the universe will be just too big for all the energy that exists, as its expansion just won’t stop at the right moment, due to the various forces acting on the universe.

Now when the universe has become too big for the existing energy, it starts to contract. It contracts into itself. It gets smaller and smaller. Causing the universe to become as smaller as it was. Then, what happens is the “Big Bounce”,  the universe again starts to expand. This cycle will carry on. The universe will expand and contract.

Hence, I conclude my hypothesis here.


“The universe was created by the collision between quarks formed due to the presence of energy in the absolute nothingness, creating it, and the caused it to expand within itself.”

Now, what are your views? What’s your hypothesis?Let me know, comment below! Do share if you like my hypothesis.

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