Can I buy a Nanny Cam with Audio?

As we are getting involved more and more in technology, our privacy is becoming a concern for us. We are starting to feel less secure and barely any of our things remain private now. People are getting stalked at the social media, while robbery and theft have become really common. We have started to realize these things and hence, we feel insecure at most of the public places and sometimes, even at our homes nowadays.

Proper surveillance around the crowded public places is certainly a must, but now there are need for us to have proper surveillance even at our home. What would you think is better than a nanny cam? A nanny cam is just a hidden camera that is installed inside a household object to record and monitor activities. Using a hidden camera to keep an eye on someone or something or even some place, is legal in most of the countries, yet, you’d better talk to your lawyer about this.

Generally, nanny cams are sold without audio capabilities as in most of the countries, it is illegal to intercept or record audio communications secretly. But, if you seriously need one with the ability to record audio as well, you can get them. But, before you get one and put it into a secret place to monitor the area, make sure to talk to a lawyer as it might not be legal as well. Because, you know, recording someone without even letting them know is not quite a good idea, even us, ourselves would get mad at someone if we came to know that they were capturing us within their tiny camera that we hadn’t even noticed. You certainly should think before you consider implementing a nanny cam to keep an eye on someone. Yet I wouldn’t call it bad if you wished to set up a nanny cam on your door or somewhere around your safe, for situations if someone tried something mischievous.
For an example, consider you have your valuable documents and a whole lot of cash in your safe which is placed in your bedroom (although I wouldn’t recommend you to do so), it would always be a good idea to set up a hidden camera around it in order to have an evidence in case of theft or robbery, as, you know, something is certainly better than nothing.

One other application of a nanny cam would be to keep an eye of your children when you are not at home. But, obviously, you can use a nanny cam as per your wish (if it is legal).

Hence, certainly, the use of nanny cams has their own pros and cons of course as even we wouldn’t want to be spied upon while it certainly is a good option for surveillance. And lastly, yup, you can buy a nanny cam with audio but, use it only if it is legal at your country.

Disclaimer: I don’t promote or demote the use of a hidden camera or a nanny cam, and can’t be held liable for any activity that you perform with it. I am not responsible for any kind of loss or damage what so ever.  You yourself should be solely responsible for anything that you do or that happens to you.

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