How to change your WordPress website’s login url?

Having security issues with your WordPress website? Do you want to make it more secure than ever? Just change your WordPress website’s login url!

As default, the login url is or /wp-admin. Changing it is crucial in order to maintain the security of your website. Hackers will have  trouble figuring out what your login url is!

All, you need to do is install this plugin rename wp-login.php. The plugin is safe and reliable.

(Disclaimer: I don’t own this plugin.)

Once you install it, activate it.

Then, go to Permalinks under the Settings tab. When you’re there, scroll down, and you’ll see something like this.

permalink instructions

Now, just type in the link that you want to be your login address, and click save changes. There you are mate! You’ve just secured your WordPress website. 🙂

Drop a comment, say what you think more can be done to secure a WordPress website. At last, I hope that it was useful! 

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