Essay: Mathematics is the cradle for all creations without which the world cannot move an inch. Do you all agree or disagree?

The claim that mathematics is the cradle of all creations without which the world cannot move an inch has been rightly supported by the words of Father of Physics, Galileo “The laws of nature are written in the language of mathematics.” Since the dawn of the time has mathematics made it’s presence felt, for time itself comes from mathematics. From the big bang to the present day, where mathematics has enticed the human beings with it’s intoxicating essence, nothing, is possible without the laws of mathematics being in favor.

From the working of the ever expanding spacetime continuum, to, the science of the tiniest particles and their behaviour, which is, the quantum physics, it is mathematics that has been governing all of these events. The universe wouldn’t have existed without the Big Bang, which wouldn’t have been possible without mathematics, and, the thoughts of multiverses, parallel universes and multi-dimensions would have just been another good thing to write a science fiction novel about. We wouldn’t have realized that, the earth isn’t flat, the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth, and earth isn’t the center of the solar system. And, our only explanation to almost everything would have something to do with gods and superpowers. None of this, would have been possible without mathematics, and it is safe to say, it indeed is the mathematics that binds the different aspects of the multiverse together and keeps it functioning.

Mathematics has been genetically embedded in our genes and minds. We are able to make calculations subconsciously, as they have been extremely crucial for us. For an example, when a runner, sees a hurdle in front of him, although he doesn’t actually make the calculations regarding how much force he would needs to apply on the ground when he jumps so that he clears the hurdle, but, as mathematics has become a part of us, subconsciously, his mind would be working on that. This can be verified as, a runner needs to apply different force to clear the hurdles of different heights. Therefore, human mind has been so habituated with mathematics that it has become a part of our genes and we are able to make calculations subconsciously.

Today’s world cannot be separated from technology and internet. Technology and internet, have only become possible due to mathematics. Without mathematics, computers would not have existed, and I could not have been typing this essay and you could not order food right from your home. Existence of any form of computer would not have been possible without the binary number system, which is mathematics in itself, while internet, a connection of networks of computers would be impossible. Even the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of computers and networks, are pure mathematics, while even the data packets being transferred through the internet, are only possible due to mathematics.

People might argue that we don’t need mathematics in order to walk or talk, and neither does mathematics provide people with the basics needs of food, shelter and clothes, but, the humans, made of millions of cells, and their perfect functioning, perfect linkage of cells, none of which would have been possible without mathematics. As mentioned before, even the universe wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for mathematics. Even the birth of a child, wouldn’t have been possible, if it weren’t for the chromosomes combining with mathematical perfection.

As Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests, the motion or rest of a body is relative to another body, the world, planet earth moves relative to the Sun, while the Sun moves relative to the galactic center but, seems to be at rest for us, the ones in earth. All of these relative motions and rest are only possible due to mathematics, and it is only mathematics that can describe it. Therefore, for maths is the prerequisite of all that exists, and is also the nourisher, that develops all other aspects around it, it would be safe to say that mathematics is the cradle of all creations and without mathematics the world cannot move an inch.

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