I put up a poll in my Instagram story asking the same question, the 52 percentage of voters seemed to believe that the gender pay gap still exists. Now it is obvious for most of the people to believe that as even the data from ONS (Office for National Statistics) reports that the median gender pay gap, in UK, for all the workers working full time or even overtime, as per April 2017 is 18.4% in the favor of men. But this data could be misleading; and feminists of today, the third wave feminists, intend to use this to their advantage. 
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Why does the gender pay gap not exist?

  1. The data showing the gender pay gap from ONS, is vague and not accurate. As the data is found by using the mean earnings of men and women across different fields, it doesn’t take in account of all the different professions that men and women choose, neither does it considers the fact that men generally intend to work overtime to make some extra buck.
    As an example, we can take a look at a male petroleum engineer working full time, who earns, in an average, $128,000 per year and, a woman beautician working full time, who earns, in an average $26,000. Now according to this method, many people could interpret it to be a gender pay gap of $102,000. Ridiculous, isn’t it?
    And if you’re one of those who actually thinks that it indeed is the case, well hats off to your sir! Your should probably be the first man to be live on Mars, contact me, and I shall covey your message to Elon Musk.
    Last but not the least, this data also includes the median earnings of multimillionaires and billionaires, of which, most of them, are men. Why?
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  2. Generally women intend to make lots of life choices that affect their job. Now, women generally intend to make a lot of varying life choices, they want to have it all (which may or may not include having kids, which is also a factor), they want to work, start their own type of business, hang out with friends, take generally more holidays than men, and what not, basically they generally do not intend to commit themselves to one thing. Now, if you are a woman reading this, you might or might not be one of them, that is just a general consensus.
    All of the fore mentioned things affect how much they are paid.
  3. Now this is something that I mentioned before. Most of the multimillionaires and billionaires are men. And their average pay also tilts the gender pay gap in favor of men.

What if the gender pay gap existed?

  1. Most of the companies would be filled with women. If women, were to take the same jobs for lesser pay than men, then, unless the employers are terrible at math, most of the employees would be women, but that certainly is not the case. While applying for jobs at STEM field, women are given 2:1 advantage just because there are less women working in the company. But, with that said, it doesn’t mean that their resume is not taken a look at.
    Now why are there less women working in STEM field, to find out, bookmark this  site and keep visiting. 😉 

Considering all of these things, the gender pay gap of 18.4% reduces down to a negligible about. Now, many would argue that is only the case in the United Kingdom but this is true for countries all around the globe. We must take it into account that if any employer pays the males more than the females for the same amount of work, they would actually be breaking the law. What we must also consider is that in most of the third world countries, men are generally the ones who go out to earn while women stay at home. While this is not a good thing, this is also not “gender pay gap” as well, for if you aren’t working (and by working I mean, doing a job) you aren’t expected to be paid.

Therefore, the concept of “Gender Pay Gap” is just a myth that the feminists are hell bent about.

Here is a video from PragerU which you can watch:

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