What happens to the mass of the body when it gets burnt?

So, what really happens to the mass of the body when it gets burnt? Like, does anything even happen?
Well mate, I’ve been thinking of the same thing for quite some time now. And this is where my curiosity and imagination lead me, please take a seat and enjoy the beauty of physics!

Let’s conduct a thought experiment!

Take a big fat book for an example and measure its mass. Now, put that same big fat boring book on fire. And now, the book is burning, after a while, all that’s left are the ashes, right? Now, the fun part, measure the mass of the remaining ashes. How much do you think will the mass of the ashes be? Will it be more than the mass of the actual book, or will the mass not change? Or, will the mass of the ashes be reduced?

According to me, the mass of the ashes should be less than that of the actual book.

Here’s why?!

The paper that made up the book obviously has some energy stored in it. Now, when the book is brunt, the stored energy is released. The energy, due to which’s presence the book felt heavier is now released into the atmosphere. The ashes that are left behind contain very less amount of energy, among which most of the energy of the very less present in the ashes were absorbed from the surrounding. Hence, because of the release of energy, the mass of the ashes of the book must be lighter than the actual book itself.

What does it mean? Does it mean that energy has mass? Or does it mean that mass has energy? Or is it that energy and mass both are the same thing?

Well, I intend to find out! What ever the truth might be. it surely will be beautiful!

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