Local Level Elections: Who should be the Mayor of Kathmandu?

With the local level elections approaching us, the candidates are heels over head running around asking for votes, many with the intention to delude the naive citizens to vote in their favor with appealing sounding words. During elections, Nepal becomes a country upside down from what it normally is. We Nepalese have faced it all, from being threatened to vote to being fed with “masu bhaat”, all of this, including the fake promises of working honestly for the betterment of the citizens and the country. Generally, the citizens have to approach the leaders joining their hands to get their work done, but during elections, it’s the exact opposite! It is fun to watch, to be honest! The candidates are willing to spend millions of rupees only to get “the chair of Mayor of Kathmandu.”

Everyone is running for the chair but is there someone who is actually running for the responsibility? Well, maybe yes. From what I’ve seen the preparation done by Ranju Darshana (21) is remarkable, trailing by an inch or so, is Kishor Thapa while everyone else, are nowhere to be seen. Proper planning and dedication is what I’ve found lacking in other candidates, a spoonful of patriotism instead of a bottle of alcohol could work to get them back on track.

Why Ranju Darshana?

Ranju Darshana

Well, why Ranju Darshana? Why did I say that the preparation done by Ranju Darshana is remarkable? Because it is. You can just feel her frustration with the political scenario. Her emotions and her determination just stands out! She is prepared like nobody else. She wants the responsibility never mind “the chair”. If her dedication can’t convince you, I don’t know what can. From surveys to extraordinary planning of the bottom up approach that she has in mind should be taken as an example even by the so-called “great politicians” who are just keep on adding weight instead of burning their fat working for the innocent citizens of Nepal. After Madan Bhandari, its only Ranju Darshana that I see with the potential to turn the situation around for Nepal and do justice to what mother Nepal deserves. The five years under Ranju Darshana can be better than 5 decades under someone else. If she is the one who gets the responsibility we will not regret calling ourselves “Kathmandu Baasi”.

Everyone says, “Its time for the youths to stand up!” And now, when a youth has finally stood up, are you ready to support? In a country with more than half of the population occupied by ladies, she’s the only lady who as stood to compete for the responsibility of the mayor of Kathmandu, do I really need to say more about how determined she is?

She’s 21, and many of you might think she’s too young, but dude would you have the determination to take the responsibility that she has asked for? Age can’t be considered to be the measure of maturity! Her self belief just shows how mature she is!

Committing the same mistake again and again is what symbolizes a fool, so why vote the same party/candidate again and again? Why not try something new? This time, let’s try Ranju Darshana. Her leadership and our public participation can turn the tables.
Wake up people, try something new! Try Ranju Darshana!

Why Kishor Thapa?

Kishor Thapa

The experience and knowledge of urban planning of Kishor Thapa is what sets him apart from others. He is an architect engineer with the vision of simplicity. Kishor Thapa, the SLC topper of 2031 B.S., masters in urban planning, an international expert for National Residential Policy Making of Myanmar and a retired secretary of the Ministry of Urban Development, seriously what else would one need to be a mayor? His qualifications speak for themselves. Talk about his experience, he’s worked longer than some of have lived. His ability to work and plan speaks on its own. In his 5 years, I believe he can solve the current problems of the valley and result in a peaceful and secure Kathmandu along with the provision of facilities that we have been dreaming of for a long time.

So, why not try Kishor Thapa? A mayor with years or experience and knowledge of urban planning won’t do us any harm, will it?

Try Kishor Thapa!

Ranju Darshana and Kishor Thapa, are the two best candidates the election has to offer. Therefore, everyone reading this, I encourage you guys to give either of these guys a chance. Decide who should be the mayor of Kathmandu on your own and mention it in the comments below! 🙂

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