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Pontoon boats are those boats which depend upon pontoon to float on the surface of water. They are some of the best quality boats out there. From personal use to military use, Pontoon Boats are everywhere.
If you are the one who seeks luxury and comfort and live around the waters as well, the Pontoon boats are great for you! They provide a rich experience of luxury, comfort and satisfaction like no other boat. And, If you are a music lover, you’d be delighted to know that they have some of the best speakers to offer, loud and clear, isn’t that what you want? And if you aren’t impressed by the default ones, you can add one from Avalon or Wetsounds.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Pontoon Boats.

Q: Who makes the best pontoon boat?

A: It indeed is really difficult to point out the best manufacturer as all of them have really good ones to offer. It certainly depends on the consumer as some manufacturers may offer what he/she wants while the others may not. Bennington, Aqua Patio, Sun Tracker Boats, Avalon and Sweet Water make some really good quality boats. If you are willing to get one, you should consider one from the above mentioned manufacturers.

Q: Where is the pontoon boat’s VIN number located?

A: All the boats that have been built after the 1st of November 1972 consist of a Hull Identification Number that is HIN (Vehicle Identification Number of the boats). The HIN number (VIN number) is placed differently by different manufacturers. Generally, they are placed on the top right of the rear of the boat but, some manufacturers may place them on the sides as well.

Q: Where are pontoon boat registration numbers placed?

A: The registration number of the pontoon boat is placed in the forward half of the boat on both the sides of the bow. This is true for all most all of the pontoon boats out there but there might be a few exceptions as well.

Q: How wide is a pontoon boat?

A: Pontoon boats come at different sizes, therefore, their widths vary. But, generally:

Size Width
small Size Pontoon Boats 8’
Medium size pontoon boats 8’, 8.5’, 10’
large size pontoon boats 12’,14’,15’,16’,18’,20’




Some of the pontoon boats are custom made and hence their width maybe different.

Q: How much does a pontoon boat weigh?

A: Different pontoon boats of different sizes along with different materials that have been used to manufacture them have different weights. Generally, they weigh anywhere from 1000 kilograms to 2000 kilograms. But, the furniture and other add-ons have their impacts on the weight of the boat as well.

Q: What’s the fastest pontoon boat?

A: The fastest pontoon boat is South Bay 925CR which is owned by a guy named Brad Rowland, and it consists of Triple Mercury Pro Max 300 Horsepower engines that helped it reach the jaw dropping top speed of 114 MPH!!
Most of the pontoon boats are fast but, South Bay’s Super Sport 925, Play Craft Scorpion Xtreme 2800, The Premier 290, Manitou X-Plode and The Play Craft Powertoon Xtreme are some of the fastest ones out there.

Q: What are pontoon boat lifting strakes?

A: Lifting strakes are those things that help the tubes present in the pontoon boat to generate lift at the bow of the boat so that the boat doesn’t go digging into the water. The lifting strakes hence improve the speed of the boat as well.
If you wanna know more, try riding a boat without lifting strakes and one with lifting strakes, you will find out their significance.

Q: Are boat clubs worth the money?

A: Well, it depends on you and your life style. If you live nearby water resources, love travelling, seek luxury and fun and can afford one as well, boat clubs are really worth the money you throw at them but if you’re not that type of a person, you should think before splashing your cash.

Q: Are boat registration fees tax deductible?

A: The boat registration fees are personal property tax and hence they should be deductible. But you should talk to a tax lawyer once as the laws are different for different states.

They are the most asked questions about Pontoon Boats, but if you have one, send it to us and we’ll make sure your question is answered! 🙂 

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