As I sit down, to pour my emotions and thoughts into this article, I recall all the relationships that I have witnessed. May it be the relationship between two people or between two database tables. You might find this article really geeky and really cheesy at times; I just hope that you’re someone who loves cheese as much as I do.


While building relationships is still a tough task, breaking them has become quite an easy one. Linking database tables to create relationships has become easier than linking hearts of people, despite the difficulty of the SQL code. Interestingly, the type of relationship that is more difficult to create is the type of relationship that is easier to break, for you do not need to unlink all of those relational keys, primary or foreign.


Every database table has a primary key, a key that defines the data in the table and all of its upcoming relationships. In terms of humans, this primary is key their personality. It is indeed key for any type of relationship the individual holds. One’s personality might become the “foreign key” in someone else’s database table of relationships, a necessity for the link between the two tables to work. One could definitely argue that having a single table will solve this issue, i.e. the requirement of a foreign key, but I believe normalization, in case of humans, socialization, and love, is key. For me, missing out on such a chance to share a part of oneself while also linking one another is not an option.


The longer and more effort it takes an individual to create the relationships between the tables or the people, the longer an individual thinks before trying to destroy the relationships and unlink the tables. It is easy to forget and lose track of things that one earns without much effort, while even a hard-earned buck is really difficult to let go. It leaves me puzzled how people are able to let go of these relationships so easily.


There might be errors in every database tables, doesn’t necessarily mean that one shall drop the table, they can alter it or update it, this preserves the relationships between the tables and saves a whole lot of work. Similar could be said about humans, we intend to drop the other person when we find a few flaws in them even before trying to correct it. But, if a database table has become corrupted and can’t be of any use, there’s certainly no other option than dropping it. It might be harsh, but that’s still better than letting that one particular database table affect the other one. “Because, at the end of the day, the thing that makes the relationship beautiful is the bond between the two while also respecting their differences.”


Hence, just as relationships are important between the tables to normalize them, they are quite important for people to socialize and learn to live in sync with each other while also respecting the differences between the two of them. And I repeat this once again, “Because, at the end of the day, the thing that makes the relationship beautiful is the bond between the two while also respecting their differences.”

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