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When it comes to teeth, it is always great to have white shiny ones rather than those golden ones. For some people, those white teeth aren’t a problem as they naturally have those beautiful white teeth. However, the ones other than the blessed, the best thing they can do is not to smile with their teeth exposed.

They might have to go through a lot of hassle to get the teeth they desire, therefore, many companies nowadays try to produce teeth whitening products, and one of those, which became successful is iBright. It has come up with a tooth whitening kit to reduce the work load on the people who are trying to have white teeth.

What is iBright?

The product is a wondrous tooth whitening system, that when used properly provides you the whiteness that you want in your teeth. With this tooth whitening system, people like you, who lack the bright teeth do not need to suffer trying to whiten your teeth.

If you are tired of all the different fake teeth whitening tools, it can be the start of your journey to the beautiful white teeth that you desire.

Action Method of iBright

The teeth whitening product works really fast and effectively. The product works in an amazing way after you apply it.
Oxygen atoms are released by the ingredients used to make the product, which work on removing the stains from your teeth. It is equally effective in the case of bleaching all the teeth, individual tooth or just a tooth fragment. The advanced formula used to make the product makes it possible to whiten your teeth and make it sparkle just by leaving it on for around 30 minutes on the first day and 10 to 20 minutes for the following days and still get the same result as in the case of using mouth trays for many hours.

You can use the whitening kit in two ways. If you prefer the 5 day procedure, you should use the product on the first day and the fifth day, while, if you opt for the 7 day treatment, you should use the system in the first, fourth and seventh day (10 minutes sessions on the fourth and seventh days while 30 minutes on the first day).

The product is fairly easy to use. Before every session, you should place the wipe on your finger and soak the blue side of the wipe in the pre-treatment spray, then just rub your teeth for around a minute. After you finish, make sure to spit out the excess. After that, attach the LED lamp to the mouth tray with the grip and apply some gel on both, the lower and the upper elements and place the mouth tray over your teeth. Turn the LED lamp on and leave it for the required time. After 10 minutes, the lamp will turn off by itself. If the session is supposed to last longer than that, turn it on again.

Just use the product as you should for the type of procedure you prefer, and you should see the results for yourself!

Composition of iBright

The product is tested to be safe and effective. It is made using a special formula made by the best of the bests. The special formula which is used to manufacture the product consists of Sodium Perborate and also includes hydroxyapatite crystals. It is a PH-neutral formula that is used in the product helps to reduce sensitivity and also makes teeth beaching fast and comfortable. The product was formulated carefully so that it won’t have an allergic effect on the consumers.

And the product kit includes shade guide, 5 teeth whitening fluoride wipes, pre-treatment spray 5 ml, teeth whitening gel 15 ml, silicone mouth tray that perfectly fits your teeth and a 5-watt LED lamp.

Although the product doesn’t produce any sorts of side effects, it is not recommended for the use of a pregnant woman while, people under the age of 18 and the ones with medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor before using it.

Where to buy iBright?

If you want to order the package, visit the official website. Be careful not to buy it from other unofficial distributors or resellers because it can be fake. Always order from the official site for your own safety. Even if you are ordering it abroad, always use the official website.
Don’t be worried if the product comes in a discreet package, it is to protect your privacy and prevent people from knowing about your problem.

iBright Price

If you want to purchase the tooth whitening kit, a recommended package of full treatment for one person is available from the price 34 GBP (37 GBP but you save 3 GBP). Or, if you want to save money, you can get the one with two kits for just 57 GBP (76 GBP but you save 19 GBP). You can buy it online.

iBright Review:

So, by now, you must have already been impressed by the specialty of this wonderful product, haven’t you? If you haven’t been impressed yet, here are two of the thousands of users who prove how the product changed their lives by giving them their dream white sparkling teeth:

Martin, 31 years old

Every time I opened my mouth to smile, people would have the “Ew” reaction set up on their faces. I used to get asked, “Why didn’t you brush your teeth today?” frequently. It would make me sad, it wasn’t that I didn’t brush my teeth or something, but I couldn’t get rid of my yellow teeth whatever I did. I tried various teeth whitening products. One day, I visited the dentist and he asked me to try this product, and in just 5 days, it had entirely changed my life. I could go out smiling and no one could criticize me!
Thank you iBright!

Helen, 19 years old

When you are a teenager, your looks matter a lot. People around me used to be turned off when I smiled showing my teeth. I get a boyfriend thanks to those yellow teeth of mine. I talked to a friend of mine about this and she told me about iBright. I tried it and before a week, I got rid of those golden teeth and got these silver ones! It totally changed my life, I finally got the courage to talk to my high school crush as I didn’t need to worry about those yellow teeth being exposed to him. Things got better between us, and now, we are together! All thanks to this amazing product!

There, you heard those two, what are you guys waiting for now? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have the sparkling white teeth that you desire. Say goodbye to those yellow teeth and get the white sparkling ones instead! Use the teeth whitening kit now and get the teeth you desire. Order it now and get rid of the embarrassing strained teeth as fast as possible!

I was asked to write about this, but the guy who asked me to do so disappeared on the payment day.

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