Does Social Media Make Us Anti-Social?

It is easier for people nowadays to talk to an anonymous person via the internet about their deepest problems and secrets than talking to their parents just beside them. It has become easier for people to consult the social media for help during their problems rather than calling out to the next door neighbours for their help. People feel safe to express their opinions through the internet, from behind their keyboards and not through a public interaction. Social media has transformed us in a way there’s no turning back now. We have become like a frog in a well, thinking, it (in our case the Social Media) is all that is to the world. We have gotten sucked so deep by this virtual world that we have become unable to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. Although developed to connect people together, social media has made many anti-social and the count just keeps on increasing.

Everything comes with pros and cons and the Social Media is no exception. Although developed to make the world a smaller place to live in, it has increased distance between people, as it is become an addiction for many causing them to isolate from the society. Kids nowadays, born with a silver spoon on their mouth, prefer iPads and Tablets over football and cricket, causing them to become introverts, and, ultimately, they lose their ability to cope and interact with the society. People intend to take a photo of the food before the eat, take a video of an event rather than being a part of it to experience it, only for the sake of being able to post it in the Social Media. People have started living to show others and make them believe in these virtual things rather than the reality beyond that. Social Media has made us all actors, great ones in fact, for we have been able to pretend to be happy in our own little world while the reality may be different. We have become the actors who hide their pain, suffering and reality and put up a virtual mask of a happy face. It is exemplified by the people who seem to be happy today according to the Social Media, but, their faces tell different tales when they are met in person. It is exemplified by the people who suicide although their life seemed to be beautiful as a blooming till the day before. This is the condition of the society that we live in, in the present era. A world full of lies, a world where a virtual laugh is prioritized over a real eye full of tears. This is probably why technologies related to virtual reality are excelling in the present era, as they help us forget the actual world and put up the handsome mask of a smiling face.

Although, it can seem valid if people argue that the Social Media hasn’t made people anti-social but, has only made their lives easier and efficient, and, intends to connect more and more people to make our world a digital village, but, as of today, it has only increased discomfort among people, harassment, and increase the emotional and physical understanding of people although they are connected by a virtual rope of various social networks. People have become psychologically hacked into believing all the stuff that they see in the Social Media to be real. Having a 1000 friends on Facebook and not having even 10 when needed seems cooler than having only 50 friends on Facebook who will actually be there when needed. This is what’s wrong with the present generation. 

If these things are to continue in this pace for a coming few years, then, seeing people interact physically will leave others jaw-dropped as they Tweet and update their status about it. Speeches will be rare, and blog posts will skyrocket. Although, you might have a few hundred likes on your profile picture, it will become rare to find someone who actually likes you for who you are. If these things are to continue, a day will come when people get married via status updates on Facebook and kids are printed. The places that we call society today, will just turn out to be areas full of buildings and people talking will just be a tale to tell your grandsons via your tweets.

This is what the social media has brought upon us, humans but, not social, connected but, never communicated, truths full of lies and reality full of virtual reality. You need not go far in search of evidence, just look around and you shall know what I mean.

Published by Abhinav Gyawali

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