Solar System Hypothesis: How was it formed?

In spite of the hallucinating advancement of Science and Technology, the intellectual abilities of the Scientists is still unable to uncover the truth behind the existence of all that exists. The truth behind origin of the Solar System is yet to be uncovered.

Although there are numerous hypotheses have been put forth attempting to bring light to the origin of the Solar System, I found it difficult to agree to any of them. Hence, I’ve put forth my own hypothesis regarding the origin of our solar family.
Everything you are about to read is a product of my imagination mixed with my reasoning abilities.

Hypothesis: The White hole effect.

Well, to begin with, our sun had a twin star.
Here, let’s consider the name of the twin star to be “A”.
Now, our Sun and the twin star A, were born from the same nebulae just like how other binary stars are formed. These binary stars, when revolving around the galactic center, got near the field of push of a white hole. The anti-gravitational push of white hole was so strong that it caused an unnatural condition in the star A that broke its delicate equilibrium which caused the star to explode. When the star A exploded, the remnants were attracted by the gravitational pull of the sun but didn’t collide with the sun due to the push of the white hole and hence, the remnants started orbiting the sun. The whole system moved away from the white hole and the remnants of the star slowly cooled down and formed planets. Hence, the solar system was formed.

This is why the sun doesn’t have a binary pair now but has planets orbiting it.

That’s my hypothesis on the origin and existence of the solar system. I believe that those things might have happened in the past and had caused the solar system to exist. After all, nothing is a miracle. What do you guys make of it? Do you agree or not? Or do you have your own concept on how the solar system might have been formed? Well, make sure to drop it as a comment below!

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