Though you might have been using a computer or cell phone for years, you might still not be able to use them to the fullest. Here are a bunch of extremely useful Tech Tricks that can make your life way easier! I present you the top 5 Tech Tricks you must know!

Top 5 Tech Tricks!

  1. Computer “Fast Boot” Mode!
    Imagine, you’re up next to present in your Business meeting, but your computer just takes all the time in the world to boot up. Your boss stares at you for being slow, but your computer is yet to boot up and you’re a long way far from presenting the plans that you prepared working yourself off all night. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Well, here’s something you can do to boot up your computer way faster! All you have to do is press the Space bar as you boot up your computer when you press the Power button. This will cause Windows to load much faster! 😉
  2. Improved Cell Signal!
    You’re traveling and your car broke down. You need to give your friend a phone call to come pick you up, but for some reason you’re cell phone doesn’t show any network signal at all! Damn! Here’s what you can do! Hold your cell phone parallel to the ground, and scientifically, you must get a better signal! This is because the radio waves travel along the ground horizontally and holding your cell parallel to the ground will line your phone’s antenna up with that giving you a better signal!
  3. Charge your Cell Phone Faster!
    If your phone is charging but it takes a lot of time to get fully charged, you’d better turn the Airplane mode On, because when you do so, no data is transferred in and out of your phone and it’ll get charged pretty quick!
  4. Reopen the accidentally closed tabs!
    You’ve got a lot of tabs open, and while closing the unwanted tabs, you accidentally closed the tab you were working on! Holy CRAP! It’s a mess now, isn’t it? Well, you can go back in time and reopen them! 😉 Just Press the T button while you hold Ctrl and Shift, i.e. Ctrl + Shift + T . This works on any browser!
  5. Get any website’s IP address!
    If you want to get the IP address of any website, this is what you can do. Open the Command Prompt and type in ping and then the website.

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