Does the Gender Pay Gap that the Feminists still put up exist?

I put up a poll in my Instagram story asking the same question, the 52 percentage of voters seemed to believe that the gender pay gap still exists. Now it is obvious for most of the people to believe that as even the data from ONS (Office for National Statistics) reports that the median gender pay gap, in UK, for all the workers working full time or even overtime, as per April 2017 is 18.4% in the favor of men. But this data could be misleading; and feminists of today, the third wave feminists, intend to use this to their advantage.  (more…)

GP Essay: Advertisements truly reflect what the society desires. Do you agree?

While Darwin’s ideology of the survival of the fittest has made its way into the economic environment, advertisements have become the key to the survival of the brands and companies these days. It’s no wonder that product advertisements require themselves to be a reflection of what the society actually desires as it helps them stand out from the crowd. Advertisements aim to enhance the sales of the products by increasing the want to the consumers to purchase the product and encourage the feeling of being deprived of having to do without it. To achieve this purpose, advertisements have to present their product is an appealing way. A way which creates an intense desire for the consumers towards the product. This is only possible when the advertisements are the reflections of the desires and wants of the society itself. Hence, advertisements, to a great extent reflect the desires of the society and also create new desires for the consumers. (more…)

Essay: Mathematics is the cradle for all creations without which the world cannot move an inch. Do you all agree or disagree?

The claim that mathematics is the cradle of all creations without which the world cannot move an inch has been rightly supported by the words of Father of Physics, Galileo “The laws of nature are written in the language of mathematics.” Since the dawn of the time has mathematics made it’s presence felt, for time itself comes from mathematics. From the big bang to the present day, where mathematics has enticed the human beings with it’s intoxicating essence, nothing, is possible without the laws of mathematics being in favor. (more…)

How I became an Engineer at 15?

I’ve been interested in technology since the day I first came to know about them. Technology would entice me in a way my girlfriend never could. I could spend a whole day in my room with my laptop, learning different things, trying different things. Due to my this habit, my mom would be looping the lines, “You don’t even feel hungry when you get a laptop, do you?” every single day. It was during those times that I used to dream day in day out about how it would feel to become a professional coder. (more…)

Does Social Media Make Us Anti-Social?

It is easier for people nowadays to talk to an anonymous person via the internet about their deepest problems and secrets than talking to their parents just beside them. It has become easier for people to consult the social media for help during their problems rather than calling out to the next door neighbours for their help. People feel safe to express their opinions through the internet, from behind their keyboards and not through a public interaction. Social media has transformed us in a way there’s no turning back now. We have become like a frog in a well, thinking, it (in our case the Social Media) is all that is to the world. We have gotten sucked so deep by this virtual world that we have become unable to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. Although developed to connect people together, social media has made many anti-social and the count just keeps on increasing. (more…)

Google Chrome FIXED: and Malware: No DOWNLOADS!

Lately, I had a lot of issues due to these, malware. Everything that I searched for on Google would either redirect to or, and, every time I clicked anywhere on a webpage, an on click ad would popup. I was terrified and preferred googling from my phone, but, I had to fix this issue someday. (more…)

Wealth Words – Web App Review

Do you like solving the crossword puzzles on your daily newspaper? If you are one of those people who is into solving the crosswords, you should continue reading this article, but even if you aren’t learning will not hurt. Wealth words in a web app for those people who enjoy solving crossword puzzles. Wealth words, as the name suggests, gives you a chance to make some money by playing the crossword games. You can earn some heavy money if you are good at crossword puzzles by playing games at Wealth Words website.


Can I buy a Nanny Cam with Audio?

As we are getting involved more and more in technology, our privacy is becoming a concern for us. We are starting to feel less secure and barely any of our things remain private now. People are getting stalked at the social media, while robbery and theft have become really common. We have started to realize these things and hence, we feel insecure at most of the public places and sometimes, even at our homes nowadays. (more…)

Review: iBright

When it comes to teeth, it is always great to have white shiny ones rather than those golden ones. For some people, those white teeth aren’t a problem as they naturally have those beautiful white teeth. However, the ones other than the blessed, the best thing they can do is not to smile with their teeth exposed. (more…)

Get Fast Cash Loan in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful place. From the beautiful beaches to the amazing skyscrapers the place in itself is amazing. It is a travel destination of many people. But, this beautiful Asian country is quite expensive and you might get in trouble if you don’t take enough money with you when you visit it. It can get really difficult to get cash loan. But, to make things easier for you, Credit Excel provides you instant cash loans! Yup, you read that right, “cash”! Credit Excel is an amazing loan agency in Singapore which intends to provide you financial support so that you don’t miss out on the things you planned for just because of the lack of money. (more…)

Local Level Elections: Who should be the Mayor of Kathmandu?

With the local level elections approaching us, the candidates are heels over head running around asking for votes, many with the intention to delude the naive citizens to vote in their favor with appealing sounding words. During elections, Nepal becomes a country upside down from what it normally is. We Nepalese have faced it all, from being threatened to vote to being fed with “masu bhaat”, all of this, including the fake promises of working honestly for the betterment of the citizens and the country. Generally, the citizens have to approach the leaders joining their hands to get their work done, but during elections, it’s the exact opposite! It is fun to watch, to be honest! The candidates are willing to spend millions of rupees only to get “the chair of Mayor of Kathmandu.” (more…)

Linux: How to View Disk Space?


After using Windows, working on Linux can seem to be a bit harder, you know, typing those commands in the terminal can be a headache for many.

Let’s say, you have been working in Linux for some time and have been creating and importing files, but now, you need to check if you have enough disk space for another file. How do you do that? How do you view the disk space in Linux? (more…)

Linux: Bash/Shell Scripting and Execution!

While we work in the terminal for hours, scripting can be vital. They can make our work easier and save the day for us. Scripting provides us the ability to automate various activities, hence, running scripts is very important. But how do you actually write a script and run it? Well, that’s what I’ll be teaching you guys here.


Time Travel: Is it possible?

Time travel is quite an interesting topic to think about. What would it be like? Well, quite frankly, I don’t know, no one does. Till date, the answer lies in your imagination. Take a moment to sit back and imagine about traveling through the time. Wondrous, isn’t it?
Now, I have got a question for you. Say you went back to time before your grandparents got married and killed your grand father. So, now, the problem is, where did you come from? Can’t figure it out, can you? It’s called the Grandfather Paradox. 


Stockfish Chess Engine with GUI- Easy Installation!

Chess, a game with the simple objective but complex strategies, all in order to capture the opponent’s king. From humans, to computers chess has evolved quite well. Even among the computer chess programs, Stockfish Chess Engine is remarkably the best chess engine yet with an elo rating of 3447 for Stockfish 8. Now, its pretty obvious you want to play against the best, even though you’re certain to lose. If you are interested in facing the Stockfish Chess Engine, just follow me! (more…)

What happened before the Big Bang?


Guys, this is my hypothesis of what had happened before the Big Bang, and I can’t ensure you that its true. Everything you read next is the outcome of the best of my knowledge combined with the imagination. This is what I’ve thought about the origin of the universe, it may or may not be true. It is an outcome of creativity and thoughtfulness along with a bit of a study of the theories like the Big Bang. I repeat, it may or may not be true and this is just a hypothesis and I can’t ensure you if its true or not. (more…)

Gravity: What is it?

It was 1600s, when an apple fell from a tree on the head of an English physicist and Mathematician, Sir Issac Newton, at least that’s what the legends tell. It wasn’t anything new, yet it got him thinking. Why?
Why does the apple fall? Also, Why doesn’t it hold it’s position? If the apple falls, does the moon also fall? These were the simple questions which led to the discovery of gravitational force! (more…)